Facial Pore Cleanser Tools

Do Vacuum Powered Facial Pore Cleanser Tools Really Work?

Getting your blackheads removed at a salon is a horrible experience. You have to lie back in a swivelling chair, much like at the dentist. A technician then appears with a steel stick which looks like a puny medieval torture tool and sometimes it can hurt like one too. Women are still accustomed to the metal stick with the loop at the end but men are tearing up as if they’re watching Field of Dreams. The pain is caused because the stick works by impaling your skin against the blackhead, pushing it down to the cartilage and then to the bone. It just sounds terrible, doesn’t it?

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Well, you don’t have to undergo brutal pain anymore or even step out of your home to get blackheads removed. There are a lot of facial pore cleanser tools in the market that you can use in the comfort of your home and pore vacuums are all the rage. Face vacuums for blackheads have blown up all over Instagram and Youtube. Two things that these social media influencers can’t get enough of are blackhead removals and trying out the latest in skincare gadgets; therefore facial pore extractor suction devices fall in the sweet spot. You must’ve already seen a few popping up in your feed. 

The one that takes the prize in all these pore cleaner suction tools is the Aura Comedo Suction device which you can buy here. It is an amazing, costly-friendly device that painlessly whisks off stubborn blackhead and dirt from the pores leaving your face smooth and toned. 

Do They Really Work?

Yes, facial pore cleansers have gone viral because they work. In conjunction with a proper skincare routine, pore vacuums work wonderfully. The skincare routine is needed because the pores will clog again naturally and without a routine, the face vacuum for blackheads will only amount to a temporary solution.

How Do Facial Pore Cleanser Tools Work? 

facial pore cleansers

Most products like topical creams or face wash work by exfoliating the skin or dissolving the dead skin, dirt or sebum. Face vacuums use the power of suction to physically extract blackheads in front of your eyes. You can steam your face before using a facial pore cleanser tool to help loosen up those pores making it easier to remove the gunk inside.

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You can then use the pore vacuum on the lowest setting and gradually increase the power as the blackheads get stubborn.

What Do the Dermatologists Have to Say About Facial Pore Cleanser?

Facial Pore Cleanser

A lot of dermatologists have weighed in on face vacuums for blackheads and all of them have only good things to say. Listed below are some quotes and excerpts from their research which hold the most value.

A board-certified dermatologist at Schweiger Dermatology Group, Dr Michele Farber, said that extractions should always be done with an extracting tool, never hands. This leaves either the tortuous metal stick or the painless and easy to use pore vacuum

Dr Anetta Reszko, a New York City-based board-certified dermatologist and Mohs surgeon, says, “Facial pore cleanser tools are safe to use but mind the settings when you use them and only use the ones which are right for you, depending on your skin type”. 

In an interview with Elle magazine, Dr Sandra Lee, who is notoriously known as Dr Pimple Popper, said that face vacuums for blackheads can be an adequate solution. 

The bottom line is that pore vacuums are 100% safe when used properly. If you keep on top of your skincare routine and add a  pore cleaner suction tools like the Aura Comedo Suction device, you can keep your pores from clogging up with gunk and get the toned, smooth face you’ve always wanted.  

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