Face Care Tips for Oily Skin

Face Care Tips for Oily Skin

Are you among the millions of people who suffer from oily skin? You might hate it but did you know that compared to dry skin, your skin will age twice as slowly. This is because the sebum (oil that your face secretes) produced by your sebaceous glands will help to keep your skin moisturized and lubricated, hindering the development of fine lines and wrinkles. Oily skin doesn’t sound that bad at all now, does it? Still, you should keep a check on the amount of sebum your face produces because nobody wants an unwanted shine on their face. So, let’s look at some Face Care Tips for Oily Skin.

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Why Do You Have Oily Skin?

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When too much sebum is produced by your sebaceous glands, it makes the skin appear shiny and can also lead to acne. Your genetic makeup and your hormones are responsible for this so, you can stop feeling guilty as it’s mostly not your fault. As the oil glands on your skin mature, the production of oil also increases, this sebum clogs up your pores and sucks in all kinds of dirt, bacterias and dead skin, trapping them in your pores. This is the major cause of acne for most people. 

Getting rid of oily skin can be hard and just over-washing your face won’t help. The type of weather conditions you live in (especially people living in tropical countries are more susceptible), your diet and some medications can also increase the amount of sebum produced by your face. Over scrubbing your face can also strip your skin of its moisture, forcing the glands to produce even more oil. 

Now that you know why you have oily skin, let’s look at some face care tips that will go a long way in your lifelong battle against that unwanted shine and acne.

Face Care Tips for Oily Skin

1. Moisturize 


The key to healthy, glowing skin is hydration. Don’t think that you’re off the hook just because you have all those natural oils. You want hydrated skin and not shiny skin, so choose the right moisturizer for your skin that suits you best. Moisturizers can draw in moisture from the air to keep your face hydrated and creates a shield around your skin that keeps that moisture from escaping and keeps it locked in. You don’t have to apply a greasy, viscous layer of moisturizer on your face, a thin layer of any moisturizer which is enriched with vitamin E will do. 

2.Wash Your Face Twice a Day

You should clean your face once in the morning and once in the evening. Investing in a morning-evening cleansing ritual is a must if you have oily skin. If you refrain from doing so, your face will trap all the dirt and dead skin and will eventually lead to an acne breakout. If you want to get rid of that oily shine that builds up during the day without hurting your ritual, then you can use a wet wipe or a soft cloth to blot the oil from your face. 

3. Follow Up With a Toner


Most toners on the market are water-based and are made of astringents that will help soothe your skin while hydrating it. Toners are designed to control the production of excess oil and shrink the larger pore openings. They can help restore the pH balance of your skin too leading to fewer acne flare-outs. Just remember to buy a non-alcoholic toner for oily skin.

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