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Budding Make-Up Artists! Here’s What’s Missing In Your Kit

In the world, where every third person wants to get into the same boat and paddle towards becoming an engineer or having a permanent job, there are some of them who still find happiness in taking up their passion as a profession. Dreaming and daring to become a makeover artist is not easy. You need to have the courage and the creativity in you to become one. Creativity and your artistic skills only happen with thorough practice and you can only practice them with the right set of tools. Here are some of the tips that you need to make sure you check on before giving your career a start. 

Get a Mannequin Headstand

mannequin headstand

Get a mannequin wig tripod stand because you cannot go and hunt for people who willingly offer their face and hair for you to try on your makeover skills. No one would have the time and patience to sit for hours and lend their face for you to practice makeover on. A wig stand or a styling stand would help you in practicing hairstyles and even makeup over mannequin faces and wigs. This is a must-have for you as it helps you get molded into a pro in makeover. 

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Get a Set of All the Makeover Products ​

makeover products

You will have to make this early investment for better practice. Buy all the makeover essentials – starting from the scissors, eyeshades, blushes, foundations to lipsticks. While practicing on the mannequin’s face on themannequin headstand, invest in a cost-effective makeup set and not expensive ones. Get a set of good ones from the best branders and sellers when you are trying on people after becoming an amazing makeover artist. 

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Keep a Set of Makeover Products for All Skin Shades ​

Divide skin shades into 3 categories, namely dusk skin color, wheat skin color and fair. Purchase makeover products to match these three skin tones and practice to blend and match them on skin. Get mannequin faces of the same colors to fix on your mannequin head stand and get practicing.

Get the Right Makeover Brushes ​

makeover brushes

Many of you use around 3-4 makeover brushes but there are over 20 makeover brushes that make you a perfectionist. Brushes play an important role, just like makeup. You need to know the right brush to use over the right part of the face. This is very important and very essential. Practice with the right brush on the face the mannequin paced on the wig stand

Get Small and Portable Electronic Essentials ​

You would be needing a dryer, a straightener, a curler, and similar products. Make sure you have the best ones with you. Buy products that are easy to carry and effective when used. Also, make sure you buy wigs of both curly and straight hair to fix on your wig stand and work on. This is needed for you to practice. Make sure you test and try all the electronic styling devices on the mannequins and wigs before you try it on real people.

The mannequin head stands can be used to practice both hair and makeup. True/False?

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