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Simple Ways Of Painless Blackhead Extraction

Skin problems have always been a reason for women to have a bad mood. In spite of all the cleansing and toning sessions, there are some external particles that still stick on to the skin. Among all the skin issues, the tough ones that one deals with are the blackheads, suntans, and wrinkles. Blackheads are solidified dirt and oil that gets entrapped in your skin pores. They result in tiny black spots. This is more prominent on the nose region of the face. They, at a time, look like acne spots. People battling with blackheads think that the only way to get rid of them is to squeeze them out from your skin. This adds to the problems and makes you feel all the pain. Here are some simple and painless hacks for removing these black pop-outs and making you look nice. These tips will surely make blackhead removal easier for you.

Get a Comedone Extractor

comedone extractor

Acomedone extractor tool is the bestblackhead extractor tool you could use to clean and shrink pores to make it free from all the blackheads. The device also helps in removing the dead cells and make the skin neat and clean. Make sure you have this blackhead tool and dead skin remover at home. 

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Have a Steaming Session​

steaming session

Facial steam makes your skin soft and moist and is the best blackhead removal trick you can try. It makes it easy for you to remove all the blackheads that are hidden and solidified in the pores of your skin. After having a good session of steam, you can use tweezers or any blackhead extractor tool to pull them off your skin easily.

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Use a Blackhead Removal Charcoal Mask​

Charcoal Mask

Activated charcoal is the best natural ingredient found on earth to keep your skin clean. It has the properties of pulling out all the dirt, oil and the solidified blackheads from your skin pores to keep your skin free from all the pollutants. You can buy a charcoal mask online. All you have to do is to apply it and peel it off. The blackheads come with the dried peel off. You can try these blackhead removal masks once in a week for the most effective results of blackhead extraction and prevention. 

Massage with Tea Tree Oil​

tea tree oil

The purifying properties of tea tree oil are very essential for your skin. Tea tree oil purifies your skin and removes all the blackheads, dirt and unwanted sebum from your skin surface without drying up your skin. Tea tree oil does not only remove the blackheads but makes the skin smooth and soft. Have this oil for your face massage session every night to easily get rid of stubborn blackheads and dry dead skin cells

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Use Baking Soda As An Exfoliator​

Baking Soda

The best blackhead removal hack that can be done easily and cost-effectively at home is using the baking soda found in your kitchen as an exfoliator of your skin. Baking soda, made into a thick paste with water acts as a good natural skin scrubber and exfoliator to remove all the dead and dry skin cells and restore skin’s inner glow. It also aids in the blackhead extraction and also helps in removing the dull skin to restore the inner glow on your face. Wash your face with lukewarm water and use this paste on your skin. Wash off with cold water.

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