Wig Care Guide

The Ultimate Wig Care Guide

After finding and purchasing your dream wig, it’s important to take all the right steps in caring for it to keep it looking fabulous. There are a lot of things you can do to keep your wig healthy, you can wash it, you can condition it but the best thing you can do is to buy a wig mannequin stand for yourself. And no not the ones you refurbished out of your old phone or camera tripod. 

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How to Take Care of Your Wig

1. Use Special Shampoos, Conditioners, and a Wig Comb


You will need to buy special products for your wig because regular shampoos and conditioners have a lot of chemicals in them that may damage the texture of the hair on your wig, especially if you own a synthetic wig. Also, the way of washing your wig is different from the way you wash your hair. To wash your wig properly, first, soak the wig in shampoo and water and then comb the shampoo out of the wig. You’ll have to do the same with the conditioner. Remember to use the special wig comb for this. Then rinse the wig with warm water until all the product is out. Leave it on your hairdressing mannequin head stand to dry.

2. Take Your Wig to a Professional

wig to a professional

If you need to style your wig or shorten its length, it’s best to take it to a professional. If you cut the hair on the wig, it won’t grow back and every snip is permanent. So, go to a salon until you are perfectly sure about your skills.

3. Keep Your Wig on a Tripod Mannequin Stand and Covered 

tripod mannequin stand

Whenever you are not using the wig, be sure to always place it on the wig mannequin stand so that it remains upright and doesn’t get tangled. Also, cover it to avoid dust from settling on it.

4. Never Sleep or Shower with It


You already learned the proper way to shampoo your wig, so do that, and please, never shower with your wig on, also, take it off when raining too hard. The sleeping part, well, you don’t want to leave it all tangled and full of knots from all the moving around at night.

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5. Don’t Use Heat on It


When styling, know that heat can really damage your wig. Especially if you own a synthetic wig, a lot of heat can melt the hair on the synthetic wig and even if you do have to use a blow dryer or any other heating element, then read the manual or instruction booklet that came with your wig. The temperature which the wig can handle should be written in it and don’t ever exceed that.

6. Don’t Use Hair Sprays


Hair sprays are sticky and they will make your wig more likely to tangle or become greasy and unmanageable. A little spray is alright but don’t go overboard. 

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