Facial Steamer At Home

Tips To Have A Steam With Facial Steamer At Home

Skincare is a very essential part of every man’s and woman’s life. Many hit the spa to get their skin pampered and nurtured. A facial steam is a part of almost all the spa and beauty therapy treatments. A good steaming session gets all the dead skin cells, dirt and oil out and keeps the skin moisturized. This amazing part of skin therapy can be implemented at home and can be done twice in a week following these simple steps. Follow these steps and get a spa-like treatment at home. 

Get home a facial humidifier

Get home a nano portable facial steamer to cleanse your face and wash out all the impurities. This would help you save some money and time that you spend in the spa. Be careful while choosing your steamer and make sure you get the best one. 

Begin the prep with the nano steamer

The first prep before getting steam is to wash your face with a face wash. Make sure that there is no makeup on your face. Tie up your hair and use a hair wrap to keep your hair away from the face. Do not use any sort of creams or moisturizers as they would clog and fill the pores. The steam will anyway remove it off from the skin. 

Place the steamer right

Place the portable steamer in a place that is ideal and easy for you to use. Plug it in and allow the vapors of steam to come out. A good steamer takes about 20 seconds to get heated and steam the vapors. Make sure you use tap water and not the purified water from the aqua guard. Use normal tap water as that has all the minerals in it. 

Get the steam right

Do not take your face too close to the nano steamer as you would end up burning your facial skin. Also, do not keep it too far as you may lose out on the vapors. Keep your face about 20cm away from the steamer. Keep your head in a straight angle to the nozzle of the steamer from which the steam evaporates. 

Give breaks in between

Take the steam for 20 seconds and give a break by moving off your face away for 10 seconds. Have a steaming session for 20 minutes and not longer than that. Continuous heat of steam on your face may make your skin get burnt. The marks of burns on the face would be hard to remove. 

Two steaming sessions in a week are enough

Do not overdo steaming sessions. Keep them restricted to only 2 or even 1 time in a week. Your skin has natural oils in it. Overdoing the steaming sessions every day would make you lose the natural oils. This would make your skin dry and pale. A good streaming session that is done once a week or even twice – keeping a good time gap between each session unclogs pores, opens them up and makes it easy for you to get rid of dirt, oil and even blackheads.

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