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Why Should You Invest in a Handheld Facial Steamer in 2020?

2020 did not turn out to be what everybody expected, all those people who made resolutions to get fit or get promoted or to sort their lives out; all their goals have turned to dust and what everybody did get was the lockdown. However, it is in trying times like these that the world should try to find that silver lining. That lining can be different for everyone, it could be an online course or a DIY project or just spending time with friends and family. If you can’t seem to find a silver lining, then fret not. Keep reading to find out the one thing you’re most likely missing out on in 2020. 

A little self-care, that’s what you’re missing. You have all the extra time now and you’ve been especially missing out on steaming. You can bring the spa into your home by investing in a handheld facial steamer. It is a great at-home indulgence and works wonders on your skin. But why steaming, out of all the things you could do, why steaming you ask? 

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Two reasons why- one, because steaming is the most underrated beauty hack that people know about and it is used backstage all the time in most major fashion shows. Secondly, the handheld facial steamers have evolved by leaps and bounds and with the advent of the nano steam technology, they currently are changing the whole beauty game. 

If you don’t own an electric facial steamer yet then you can get one delivered to your doorstep by buying a steam machine for face online.  The product that takes the cake amongst all the facial steamers you’ll find online is the Nano Ionic Facial Steamer from Absoglow. It is an effective blackhead remover that removes dead skin cells, dirt, and oil from the clogged pores to give the face a smooth and toned look. You can buy it here.

What Are The Benefits of a Handheld Facial Steamer?

1. Nano Hydration 

Handheld Facial Steamer

Professional face steamer machines use nano steam which can hydrate your skin ten times more effectively than regular steam. Nano steam has far smaller particles and will cover much more surface area of your skin. It doesn’t take too much time either, modern beauty facial steamers heat up very quickly and the sessions are quick. All you need is a five-minute session with your steamer to hydrate your skin.

2. Slows Down Aging 


Did you know that the most probable cause of fine lines and wrinkles is the dead skin that keeps getting accumulated on your face? If you add using a portable mini facial steamer to your skincare routine, it will help in softening and eventually shedding the layer of dead skin. 

3. Boosts Circulation

Boosts circulation

Steaming will improve the circulation of blood and this rush of blood will bring in a good deal of oxygen and nutrients into the face through the dilated blood vessels. This oxygen boost is the only thing you need for a long-lasting glow. Haven’t you seen these advertisements about topical creams and masks that claim to oxygenate your face? Well, steaming is the natural, chemical-free, and safest way to get your skin oxygenated.

How Often Can You Use a Handheld Facial Steamer?

The number of times you can steam your face depends on the type of skin you have. To be on the safer side, do not steam your face more than twice a week. 

If you have acne or are battling with clogged pores, then you can use the handheld facial steamer thrice a week to really help you with your skin condition. 

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The Bottom Line on Handheld Facial Steamers

The bottom line is that if you’re not using an electric facial steamer to stay on top of your game this lockdown, then you’re probably missing out. With avant-garde technology like nano steam and the portability factor that allows you to steam your face anywhere, on the go, 2020 is the right time to jump on the facial steaming bandwagon. 

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